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Why Phuket Top Team

Looking for Muay Thai gym in Phuket? Here are 6 reasons to train at Phuket Top Team. Discover all of them!

Attractions in Phuket

Don't know where to go and what to do in Phuket? Here is the full list of the best Phuket attractions. Enjoy!

Why Muay Thai

Why you should do Muay Thai and what the benefits you can get from it. Read 6 reasons from my own experience.


  • Phuket Trickeye Museum

    A few years was going to visit, and I’m here! Phuket Trickeye 3D Museum is located in Phuket Town, it’s a huge art gallery with 2 floors of interactive 3D installations intended to take photos with. And I have to say, […]

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  • How to prepare mentally for a fight

    Here are some little life hacks about how to prepare for a fight mentally. It’s absolutely my personal experience and opinion, so you might have your own even totally different :)
    Thing number 1. You don’t need to think too much […]

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  • My first Muay Thai Championship

    After 7 wins at Bangla Boxing Stadium in Phuket Thailand, I had a honor to fight for the stadium’s belt. So on the 6 of April 2016 after 5 rounds of war I won by decision my first title Female Bangla […]

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  • Damn, choose your partner at last!

    I don’t have even one female friend who is absolutely happy and successful in love. Each of us, including me, is fucked up more or less. Everyone has different situations, all quite difficult, but the main problem is the same… […]

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  • How I visited Super Muay Thai show in Bangkok

    I found out that Panda is fighting again at Super Muay Thai show in Bangkok about 1 week before the fight. So I decided to challenge the Fate – “If there are cheap tickets, I will go!”, I said to […]

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