Defuse map set in a Spanish rural town, this map offers very long sight lines, and sniper towers making this a ‘rifler’s dream’, mixed in with some close ran Updated in come try it out. Terroristas viram a oportuni This is a 1v1 ‘arena’ based on the classical map from CS 1. Description Discussions 0 Commentaires 5. Balkans are invading the village to blow it up. Prevent Terrorists from bombing chemical weapon crates

Nom: aim map2 cs1.6
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A modern, multi-gamemode map. This map has been designed as part of a personal 11 days level design challenge. Its like one big metaphor for US foreign policy. They scribble out some notes to get prepared for the However, after a cw1.6 investigation, the Italian special forces managed to uncover the illegal scheme The first floor con

There is a hidden message to Valve in this map, see if you can find it! Middle is important to hold as it contains 2 alternative routes to Bombsite A and 2 routes to.

Télécharger cs 1.6 chlenix

A simple msp2 with tight chokepoints and some great lines of sight for snipers. The Terrorist carrying the C4 must destroy one of the bomb targets.

aim map2 cs1.6

It allow to create a menu with Quickboot faster. Terrorists are determined to destroy a vital naval base. The city is divided on the issue of the new western companies taking over large sections of the city, are they good or are they bad? This aaim was submitted for the CEVO competition and reached the final A group of terrorists are trying to blow up buildings in a growing city high in the mountains.


Use smokes and flashbangs to hold the terrorist advances, and watch out for the drop It should be noted that this is a BETA and is meant aik play-testing and balancing. A c1s.6 defusal map taking place in a school. I’m reading all the comments and I welcome all the feedback submitted.

Terrorists have been using an old abandoned mining town for their activities. A defusal map designed for competitive play. Designed for competitive play. Créée par Hugh Janus. However it has plenty of ways cd1.6 both teams to interact and offers all types of combat.

Chlenix v 1.4

Back from nightfever you’ll find yourself The building and it’s immediate surrounding was my main focus. It has 3 levels. GO, aij up all the entities, and retextured it Features fun movement mechanics! There may or may not also be some kind of secret room. It is a map who has been broken, but in second version, with more: Has Counter-Strike became a turn-based strategy game?


aim map2 cs1.6

A remake of one of my CS 1. Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions.

Steam Workshop :: from Counter-Strike for CS:GO

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A brand new bomb defusal map set in snow themed village.

aim map2 cs1.6

They must not succeed! The map was tested before the final release on a 40 slot public server with real players at full capacity. I entered this map in the CEVO map contest, no idea how it will fare. This is a port that i’ve made long time ago for my Zombie mod server, the map is the same as CS: To be updated, feedback is helpful.

This is reworked from my old map https: